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ELK - MUSE has arrived!

MUSE: "A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist."

The world today is a technically driven, sensory overload where the creative line is blurred between origin and originality. 

So for summer 17/18 we have gone back in time. We have found influence in the past and in genuine artistic pursuit, by looking to just a few of the women who in their time have challenged art to move in new directions. Through pioneering new ideas, in breaking rules regarding subject, scale and technique they can be perceived as creative inventors. 

their intention, like ours today, was to move forward, to progress and develop not only their craft but not to settle for the norm. We have let a little of this combined talent influence our most recent collection and in doing so have taken cues from their individual aesthetic. 

Each print in the range was designed in house and every piece has been created with great care and consideration. We talked at lengths about how what we create today is relevant in providing a sense of the genuine and we challenged ourselves not to settle for the ordinary. 

Like the women in our focus, at Elk we have a commitment to our craft. These women are role models from whom we can attribute a sense of independence and confidence in our own ability and creativity. 

- Marnie Goding, Elk founder.

Rachel Lord
Rachel Lord


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