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Medlar & Jujube - The intense sweetness of the jujube bloom blends smoothly with the velvety delicacy of the medlar, creating a quality soap enriched with Vitamin C and anti-stress properties.

Fig & Almond milk - Enriched with almond protein to soften and soothe the skin, this soap is beautifully blended with notes of green fig. 

Citron & Bergamont - Citron & Bergamot soap is at once revitalising and stimulating. A fresh interpretation of classic citrus notes instantly awaken the senses.

Milano - A tender combination of lily of the valley, oak moss and willow tree.

Breeze - A stella soap bar full of citrus zest, red basil and lime. 

Iris - The floral emblem of Florence, Iris can be found growing abundantly in the Tuscan countryside.

Capri - Vibrant notes of sweet orange blossom, juicy mandarin and fresh Italian basil capture the romance and passion of beautiful Capri.

Portofino - Awaken the senses with this soap scented with calming notes of rose water, flax and marine lily.

Roma - The magnificent vistas and historic monuments of this great world city are the inspiration of this aromatic soap featuring of sweet notes of fig, combined with the warm touch of muscat and oleander in bloom.

Venice -  Fragranced with a tender combination of delicate cotton flower, red geranium and rice cloud. 

Lake Como - Inspired by a summer afternoon on Italy's beautiful Lake Como, where the sun’s reflections on the lake and the sensual scents of hyacinth, jasmine and Crocus pistils create a perfect harmony. 

Blooming Gardens - The captivating scent of a Tuscan spring garden in full bloom awakens and excites the senses.

Enchanting Forest - The woody, green notes of a Tuscan forest combine to present a beautiful fragrance designed to rejuvenate the skin.

Golden Countryside - The magical Tuscan countryside boasts an abundance of sweet poppies give rise to this warm, deeply satisfying soap. 

Mediterranean - With each wash enjoy the intense fragrance notes of juniper, thyme and fresh pine resin.

Thermal water - Capturing the heart, soul and sensibilities of Tuscany, this fresh scented soap bar works to calm the body and enliven the skin

Lift - An enchanting profusion of pink geranium, osmanthus and cherry blossom helps skin to become firm and silky smooth. 

Detox - An Italian soap bar with magnificent note of winter daphne and white lotus. 

Sweet Violet - During the Renaissance, Sweet Violet was said to embody the secrets of seduction and symbolised love.

Pisa - Sensuous, fresh and invigorating, deliciously spontaneous and natural, Nesti Dante's Pisa Soap is imbued with the floral notes of magnolia, apricot blossom and lilac.

Lavender - Inspired by a journey through the perfumes and colours of the Florentine Hills, this richly hydrating lavender soap will soothe the body and calm the mind.

Wisteria & Lilac - A worldwide best seller, this creamy Nesti Dante soap reveals the enchanting fragrance of lilac together with tuscan wisteria.

Rose & Peony - A soothing, relaxing Nesti Dante soap bar with fragrant highlights of Florentine rose and peony

Lily & Narcissus - This uplifting Nesti Dante soap marries notes of white velvet lily petals and the sensuous scent of narcissus.

Poppy - The floral symbol for passion, the Poppy flower has inspired Nesti Dante to create a sensual soap that reflects the delicate nature of its namesake's petals.

Lavender & Verbena - Experience the wonder of Nesti Dante's Lavender & Verbena soap bar infused with the sensational fragrance of wild tuscan lavender and the invigorating scent of verbena leaf.

Collagen - A true bath time treat, Nesti Dante's Collagen soap features vegetal collagen & ginseng, both renowned for their smoothing and regenerating properties.

Cypress - Studding the hills surrounding Florence, the Cypress tree has long been admired for its fresh, invigorating scent.

Cream - Fragrant rosewood and black iris are interwoven with cream and pearl extract to create a seductive Nesti Dante soap bar.

Frangipani & Coconut - Nesti Dante has captured the essence of the Caribbean with this magical soap featuring notes of creamy coconut & frangipani.

Villages & Monasteries - A beautiful tribute to historic Tuscany, this extra long lasting soap bar ties together earth and heaven with a bouquet of woody incense. 

Sardegna - Inspired by the beautiful island of Sardegna, this zesty Nesti Dante soap bar is bursting with botanical notes of flora found on the island... myrtle nectar, lentiscus and helycrisium. 

Cherry blossom - Nesti Dante's stunning Noble Cherry Blossom Soap features vibrant floral notes of cherry blossom accentuated the soft sensuality of basil.

Olive & Tangerine - Wrapped in exquisitely adorned Florentine paper this generous 100% natural vegetable based soap bar bursts with fragrant notes of tangerine and olive oil.

Florence -  Featuring notes inspired by the floral emblem Florence - the sensual blue iris and classic laurel. These two evocative botanicals blend together to create a sparkling fragrance rich in vitality and energy.

Scrub - The soft perfume of a Mediterranean plum and pink persimmons are combined with bran and walnut granules to gently act to exfoliate the skin.

Taormina - Visit an Italian villa and live the good life with Nesti Dante's stunning Taormina Soap. The creamy bar is perfumed with invigorating prickly pear from Taorminia. 

Amalfi Orange - Visit an Italian villa and live the good life with Nesti Dante's Cinnotto di Amalfi Soap. The creamy bar is generously perfumed with myrtle and refreshing orange.

Aeolian Islands - Visit an Italian villa and live the good life with Nesti Dante's Aeolian Islands Soap. The creamy bar is perfumed with gorgeous blue freesia. 

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