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Written by Kobi Yamada and Dan Zadra

Over the next five years, what do you really want to do? Who do you really want to be?

Filled with examples from past and present leaders, thought-provoking activities, and real-life examples, the 5 book offers fuel for embracing the possibilities in front of you.

Whether you’re just finishing school, starting a new venture, celebrating a milestone, or envisioning your retirement, you’ll find inspiration for creating your bright future.

Features quotes from visionaries like Shonda Rhimes, Phil Knight, Desmond Tutu, and others to inspire self-exploration and new adventures.

A wonderful gift for a recent graduate, retiree, or new entrepreneur.

  • Features a colourful debossed hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 7.5″ x 9.25″
  • 64 pages

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